Our activities focus primarily on the scientific studies on biology and ecology of the endangered species of birds, wetland conservation, biodiversity surveys relating with the proposed infrastructures (wind farming and powerline), protected areas, critical wildlife habitat, sustainable use of the environment, and public education.

The initiative to obstruct the local dirt road at Chukh Lake

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Chukh lake is a very sensitive lake compared with other similar lakes in this region, because there are no natural obstacles along the shore, such as rocks and stones, and everything can be reached directly by car or foot. The huge numbers of shorebirds and waterbirds are constantly foraging and resting on the northwestern shore of the lake, including 19 pairs of Globally threatened Swan Goose Anser cygnoid with their 65 chicks, and 120-150 individuals of Whooper Swan Cygnus Cygnus. However, frequent parking near the lake can disturb them, frequently. 
We proposed to the soum government office to obstruct this local dirt road. Mongol Daguur SPA’s ranger Batkhuu. B received the proposal and voluntarily painted the old wheels in white and red to block the road. We would like to thank ranger Batkhuu. B for his hardwork.