Our activities focus primarily on the scientific studies on biology and ecology of the endangered species of birds, wetland conservation, biodiversity surveys relating with the proposed infrastructures (wind farming and powerline), protected areas, critical wildlife habitat, sustainable use of the environment, and public education.

The Saker falcon we know event – organized at 11th Secondary school in UB

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    The "Event of the Falcons we know'' was successful organized in 11th school in UB from 6b grade's parents council and cooperated with Mongolian Bird Conservation Center and Mongol Falconry Club. The event aim is to provide the information to the students about the National bird of Mongolia which is Saker falcon, and its conservation and also information on Falcons of Mongolia and Falconry heritage etc. Before the event, we have had announced the contents of Artworks and writing Essays that named the Falcons we know in English through the all students from 6-9th grades. During the event, we provide to over the 200 students about the presentations on “Saker falcon and its conservation”, “What is the Bird watching” and “IAF School Links programme” etc. Also, members of Mongol Falconry club showed the Saker falcon and Goshawk flights and provide also more information about Falconry and its heritage. At the end of the event, we hand in contest prizes to 6 students as a best 3 artworks and best 3 Essays. Thank you so much for all cooperated organizations and parent’s council who successfully organized this event.