Our activities focus primarily on the scientific studies on biology and ecology of the endangered species of birds, wetland conservation, biodiversity surveys relating with the proposed infrastructures (wind farming and powerline), protected areas, critical wildlife habitat, sustainable use of the environment, and public education.

The 4th International Falconry Festival in Abu Dhabi, 02-09 Dec

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    The 4th International Falconry Festival is successful hold in Abu Dhabi, UAE. International 80 countries and their Falconers are participated in this festival and organized at 2 places in Abu Dhabi. First place of the festival was at Al Ain Resort where some workshops and meetings between falconers are organized and the second place was at Khalifa Park which was aimed for public to pass the Falconry Heritage of different countries, its activities and equipment for falconry and some especial activities. During the festival activities, the IAF School Links Programme was organized the workshop and several activities for public and especially for children. The following 4 students who are young falconers from the programme are participated to the festival: M. Enkhzaya (Gurvansaikhan soum, Dundgovi province), U. Munkhtsetseg (Airag soum, Dornogovi province), B. Gegee (Olonlog School in UB city), M. Tului (11th school in UB city). Those students had presentations about the History of Falconry and conservation of Saker falcon, How to learn falcons for falconry and Students clubs activities of SLP in workshop of IAF School links programme and share information & experience with another international falconers. In the Khalifa park, students was very active to lead the some activities for children and public in the children tent. I would like to say big thank you for all participants and Nicola Dixon and the International Association for Falconry which support our travel expenses on behalf of all the students!