Our activities focus primarily on the scientific studies on biology and ecology of the endangered species of birds, wetland conservation, biodiversity surveys relating with the proposed infrastructures (wind farming and powerline), protected areas, critical wildlife habitat, sustainable use of the environment, and public education.

“One child one nest” – joint eco project

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    Joint Ecological Project is being implemented at the initiative of Preserve Planet Earth Committee of Mongolian Rotary as supported by Rotary International District 3450. Mongolian Bird Conservation Center and its ornithologists are providing professional guidance and consulting. Beneficiary is Amgalan School, Ulaanbaatar. 26 November 2016 was a pivotal step of the project, the students placed in nature the artificial bird nests created in accordance with the “Small bird nesting guidebook” created as part of the project. The 30 nests were placed by Tuul River, located to the south of Songino Khairkhan Mountain where there are aspen tree, willow, cherry trees and berries tree. The students placed the nest themselves. During the time, participants also had opportunity to observe bullfinch, long tailed Rosefinch, great tit, European nuthatch, willow tit, bohemian waxwing, lesser spotted woodpecker and azure tit. After the initial nest-placing, first nest were checked and some birds were already test-visiting the nests. The weather has been perfect. Congratulations to all the participants of the project.