Our activities focus primarily on the scientific studies on biology and ecology of the endangered species of birds, wetland conservation, biodiversity surveys relating with the proposed infrastructures (wind farming and powerline), protected areas, critical wildlife habitat, sustainable use of the environment, and public education.

Training workshop on wintering bird census in UB

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    Mongolian Bird Conservation Center (MBCC) and Environmental Department of Ulaanbaatar are successfully organized the training workshop for monitoring on wintering bird census in UB on 19 February. During the workshop, ornithologists from MBCC are presented the presentation on how to count or estimate the birds in the flock. It is very important for all the rangers who live in the green zone of Ulaanbaatar. Because rangers are important part of the counters for this long time monitoring. Total 61 people is participated to the workshop including 33 UB rangers and volunteer local bird watchers from Mongolian Bird Watching Club.